Attoquant Diagnostics is a Vienna based service provider specialized in the quantification of peptide hormones in complex biological samples based on a proprietary technology platform. The novel technology has a broad field of application as a tool in research and drug development and allows the accurate measurement of a variety of low abundance peptides in plasma and tissue samples.

Our focus is currently set on angiotensins being the effector hormones of the renin angiotensin system. We offer the proprietary RAS-Fingerprint™ as a novel multiplex parameter for the detailed biochemical characterization of the renin angiotensin system. The RAS-Fingerprint™ is available for plasma and tissues and allows a better understanding of prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and renal diseases and can be used as a diagnostic and therapeutic biomarker.

Moreover, we offer customized solutions for a broad range of analytical questions using mass spectrometry in combination with our proprietary sample preparation procedure for peptide analytes, allowing us to reach outstanding assay sensitivities.

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