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ATTOQUANT: More Than Just Data

Attoquant Diagnostics provides LC-MS/MS based peptide quantification services at premium quality.

We are specialized in the biochemical characterization of peptide hormone cascades with a major focus on the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone-System.

In addition to the quantification of different functionally related angiotensin metabolite panels (RAS-FingerprintTM), we offer highly sensitive activity assays for proteolytic enzymes that are based on natural peptide substrates.

We also support you in bio-analytical planning, sample measurement and data interpretation. Attoquant Diagnostics provides MORE THAN JUST DATA!

Our Services

All our assays are based on internal standardized LC-MS/MS based quantification methods using highest quality standards in sample processing and data volume. In addition to the quantification of endogenous angiotensin metabolite levels in a variety of species and sample types, we offer highly sensitive enzyme activity assays using natural enzyme substrates and direct product quantification.